Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter. #03 Karoline Dausien


Exhibition series at restaurant KOMMOD, Vienna

In addition to her artistic practice, Steffi Parlow works as a chief at restaurant KOMMOD. Since 2019 she has been presenting there in the exhibition series “Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter.” various artist positions. In parallel to each artistic position, Christina Unteregger, Stephan Stahl (operators) and Steffi Parlow provide an¬†additional intermediate course¬†based on the artists over the duration of the exhibition. A “tomato dome with salt lemon” was served for Karoline Dausien.

Karoline Dausien has been using ceramics for a few months now. Before that, she mainly worked with leather and other textiles. The important thing for them is the manageability of the material and not the quality. That is why it is called “fast” media, that means materials in which as little time as possible is lost between idea and realization. Dausien positions spontaneous impressions and ideas in form of undefined sculptures. They don’t want anything and don’t have to be able to do anything. They are inconsistent observation fragments captured in material, from which a determination crystallizes only in the first place.

# 03 Karoline Dausien
Finger Food series, 2019, glazed ceramics
Cake/neck, 2019, glazed ceramic, glass, steel
Black Bull, 2019, glazed ceramic, plastic
Black Blood, 2019, glazed ceramic, plastic
May 28 to July 26, 2019
Restaurant KOMMOD, Vienna