About the pleasure of cooking for others

I can’t imagine not thinking about food.
What do I feel like? How can I prepare it? What do I cook for others?
Because actually I like to cook for others.
I started doing it at the age of 9. First with the help of a children’s cookbook. Mom, dad and grandma then gave precise instructions on how to improve kitchen practice. The preparation of meals and eating together have always had a special place in my family. Own fruit and vegetables are grown. Chickens, ducks, rabbits and pigeons kept. It is boiled down and preserved. As a child I stung asparagus, gathered chickweed and picked berries. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized what a great privilege it is to be able to look after yourself.

I have been working as a chief for 10 years now. For me it is a pleasure
to cook for others. For you too. No matter what the occasion.
Just contact me.

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