Cooking a soup together.

2017 - 2018

Cooking, Eating and other nice things
Material: this and that
Ueckermünde, Berlin, Leipzig

In collaboration with Abdul Hadi Aldebs, Mohamad Al kahlen Alsoleman,
Firas Alnajjar, Anas Abou Hawaii, Anna Kaufmann, Mansur Raufi,
Mohamad Hussam Sawan und Numan Taqi.

Parlow and Kaufmann met Mansur, Hadi, Anas, Firas, Mohamad Hussam,
Mohamad and Numan in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, who came to the region in 2015.

The shared interest in food was their basis. It quickly became clear they want to work together and cook a common soup.
They searched for culinary taste experiences, which are of course marked by family, regional and cultural differences that each of them has brought.
The own experiences of the childhood and family, the impressions from other countries, combined to a soup, – a basis for new dishes. They developed and documented recipes, cooked for guests at festivals or invited to dinner.