Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter. #02 Anya Triestram

Exhibition series at restaurant KOMMOD, Vienna

In addition to her artistic practice, Steffi Parlow works as a chief at restaurant KOMMOD. Since 2019 she has been presenting there in the exhibition series “Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter.” various artist positions. In parallel to each artistic position, Christina Unteregger, Stephan Stahl (operators) and Steffi Parlow provide an additional intermediate course based on the artists over the duration of the exhibition. “Gold trout with parmesan and broad beans” was served for Anya Triestram.

Anya Triestram’s main medium is linocut. It alienates printmaking technology towards a sculptural way of working so that the result approaches an object. JOY is the echo of a fairy tale from thousand and one nights or a folkloric song.

Anya Triestram born 1977 in Eichsfeld (DE), she studied at the University of Graphic and Book Art in Leipzig. Since 2015 she has been working as a senior artist as artistic and technical director for wood and linocut at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Lives and works in Leipzig and Vienna. www.anyatriestram.com

# 02 Anya Triestram

JOY, 2019, resin and linoleum print on MDF, 105 x 82cm

April 2 to May 25, 2019