Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter. #05 Rudi Rapf

Exhibition series at restaurant KOMMOD, Vienna

In addition to her artistic practice, Steffi Parlow works as a chief at restaurant KOMMOD. Since 2019 she has been presenting there in the exhibition series “Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter.” various artist positions. In parallel
to each artistic position, Christina Unteregger, Stephan Stahl (operators) and
Steffi Parlow provide an additional intermediate course based on the artists
over the duration of the exhibition. “Lake trout, salsify and saffron” were served
for Rudi Rapf.

Rudi Rapf works with a technique that combines sculptural approaches and photographic considerations. The human being is a central theme of his work. Through exact observations, an attempt is made to form an image of being human and to process it. Everyday situations are raised to something extraordinary and can be seen by a different perspective. Collages are created that summarize the small and large dramas of everyday life. The stories about people and situations are based on real facts, but always play with their credibility through a large portion of absurdity and humor. Social and sociological issues, everyday life and routine, but also deviations from this norm are important aspects of work. They question the limits of objectivity.

Rudi Rapf was born in 1990 in Kassel (DE), studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Monica Bonvicini, Gunter Damisch and Martin Guttmann, as well as at the Higher Graphic Education and Research Institute Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna and Leobendorf.

# 05 Rudi Rapf
COOL KIDS CLUB, 2018, series, Men of Good Will, collage, 120 x 90cm
A Ladder, Letter A, 2018, series, Men of Good Will, photography, 70 x 50cm
If you have friends, you don’t need keys, 2018, series, Men of Good Will, photography, 30 x 40cm

November 19, 2019 to February 22, 2020