Fest der Folgenlosigkeit 2


Performative 5 course menu in collaboration with William Knaack, by invitation of Friedrich von Borries, Mensa Hochschule für bildende Kunst Hamburg
Photos: Charlie Spiegelfeld

Menu sequence
0. Cleaning: Cleaning cloth, liquor, potato hand cream

1. Bowl with pills (lactose intolerance, antihistamines) and Viennese tap water served, fried semolina balls with lemon cream
2020 Nat’cool drink me branco, Portugal

2. Cold cucumber soup with buttermilk and clover
White spritzer of 2020 by Winning WINWIN Riesling, Germany

3. Fruit leather of black currant with homemade goat cream cheese, dark carrot, lamb’s lettuce, big watercress and white currant
2020 Pranzegg MIAU! Vino Rosato Frizzante, South Tyrol

Intermediate course refreshment: goat whey with bergamot as granite and drink

4. Onion bread loaf, onion cream, flamed onion cap with corn starch
2020 Claus Preisinger lime and pebble, Austria

5. Choux with strawberry cream and thyme lollipop
Sand straw flower tea with sugar fennel seeds