After Tears


Performance-Dinner, for 50 guests
22. May 2022 Resselpark
RAW, Wiener Festwochen

Conceptualized by Buhle Ngaba (actor/writer) and Steffi Parlow (artist/chef) “After Tears” is an experiential dinner hosted by zebra clown “Angela Solie”(played by Ngaba).
The audience is transported to a ceremonious dinner in a section of the natural history museum in Vienna where they are taken through a narrative of an unlikely friendship that develops between a bejeweled mummy (Angelo Soliman, 1721-1796) and a bedazzled zebra all while being served a fine dining menu prepared by Parlow.

Join us for a night where pop, history, animals, politics, playlists and tik tok collide!

Concept/ Costume/ Space concept: Buhle Ngaba & Steffi Parlow
Performer: Buhle Nagaba
Chef: Steffi Parlow
Curators: Laia Fabre & Thomas Kasebacher
Assistance Chief: Anna Scheffler & Benjamin Wieselthaler
Projekt Assistenz: Francesca Cent
Keramik: Julia Geissler, Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
Service: Sebsation Hinterwirth, Valentina Schattbacher
Fotos: Rupert Rechling, Paul Gasser

MENU/ Courses
1 Get the party started.
2 Triptych
3 Zebra salad
4 Seasonal dish from the NHM
5 „In Wien stirbt es sich am schönsten.“
6 Take a breath.
7 Nostalgia
8 Let‘s celebrate life!