After Tears – Performance-Dinner innerhalb der RAW Reihe


After Tears – Performance Dinner within the RAW Series
(Wiener Festwochen-Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher/notfoundyet )

22 May 2022 Resselpark

Laia Fabre and Thomas Kasebacher have been collaborating under the name notfoundyet since 2008, continually positioning themselves as unusual hosts. Now, with their new RAW format, they extend invitations in multiple directions: to artists from this year’s Festwochen programme, to chefs established in Vienna, and to you.

The “After Tears” performance dinner within the RAW format, conceived by Buhle Ngaba (actor/author) and Steffi Parlow (artist/cook), will be hosted by the zebra clown “Angela Solie” (played by Ngaba).
Audiences will be whisked away to a formal dinner in a section of the Natural History Museum in Vienna, where they will experience the story of an unlikely friendship between a bejewelled mummy (Angelo Soliman, 1721-1796) and a zebra (taxidermy), while being served a menu prepared by Parlow, in close coordination with the storytelling.
Experience an evening where pop, history, animals, politics, playlists and Tik Tok collide!

Assistant cooks: Anna Scheffler, Benjamin Wieselthaler
Ceramics: Julia Geissler, Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
Service: Sebsation Hinterwirth, Valentina Schattbacher
Photos: Rupert Rechling, Paul Gasser

1 Get the party started.
2 Triptych
3 Zebra salad
4 Seasonal dish from the NHM
5 “Vienna is the best place to die”.
6 Take a breath.
7 Nostalgia
8 Let’s celebrate life!