Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter. #08 Laura Pirgie


Exhibition series at restaurant KOMMOD, Vienna

Since 2019 Steffi Parlow shows in restaurant KOMMOD different artists: in changing exhibitions. Parallel to each position we serve over the exhibition period a course in reference to the artists: this time for Laura Pirgie: Potato terrine with green sauce

Laura Pirgie extracts quite ordinary things from her everyday life. It may seem banal when she detaches these things from their original context, collages or colors them. Her artistic practice is a searcher: malleable materials, pure colors, different haptics and abstract formal languages. It is precisely the small gestures and interventions that make a difference.

# 08 Laura Pirgie
o.T. (Triumph), 2021, Advertising banner, textile paint, 100 x 80 cm

May 19 to July 24, 2021