Festival of Impunity


In collaboration with William Knaack
7-course menu and installation (wine accompaniment from Kerbl winery)
At the invitation of Friedrich von Borries and Jakob Brossmann
former Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg

4th round table at the Globart Academy on the topic:
Radical renunciation as a way of life

It is difficult to do without. But without a waiver there will be no sustainable future. What does a culture of renunciation look like –
and where is the limit of renunciation?
The architect, curator, design theorist and writer Friedrich von Borries invited
to a panel discussion and asked these questions for open discussion.
The 7-course menu and the installation choreographed this evening and concentrated both formally and tastefully on the topic.

With the guests: Claudia Langer (Generations Foundation), Eva Horn
(literary scholar, University of Vienna), Christoph Wonneberber (theologian),
Verena Brunschweiger (author)