Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter. #06 Edin Zenun with Daniel Stuhlpfarrer

Exhibition series at restaurant KOMMOD, Vienna

In addition to her artistic practice, Steffi Parlow works as a cook in the KOMMOD restaurant. Since 2019 she has been presenting there in the exhibition series “Dark blue smells salty, yellow tastes bitter.” various artist positions. In parallel to each artistic position, Christina Unteregger, Stephan Stahl (operator) and Steffi Parlow on the duration of the exhibition an additional course based on the artists. This time it will be served to our guests on porcelain plates specially made for the exhibition. They were created in collaboration between Edin Zenun and the Viennese ceramic artist Daniel Stuhlpfarrer.

There is “dumpling, cabbage and herbs”.

At the restaurant KOMMOD, Edin Zenun shows small-format abstract works.
The focus of the paintings is on materiality, oil on canvas or clay with pigment on canvas and their tonality. These deconstructively refer to works by the painter and designer Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) and to Leporello by the Lebanese painter and writer Etel Adnan (1925).

Edin Zenun born 1987 in Skopje (Yugoslavia), studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Erwin Bohatsch, Francis Ruyter and Daniel Richter. Since 2017
he has been the board of the Pina project room. Lives and works in Vienna. www.edinzenun.at

Daniel Stuhlpfarrer born 1987 in Vienna (AT), studied Art education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi Istanbul. Lives and works as an art educator and ceramic artist in Vienna.

# 06 Edin Zenun
Untitled, 2020, oil on canvas, as well as clay with pigment on canvas, 26 x 21cm

Edin Zenun with Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
12 Porcelain plates, 2020

February 25 to June 24, 2020